Architecture Thoughts

Welcome. This page is to detail different experimental architectural patterns, for Flutter developers. I would not recommend using any of these in their current forms, but interesting for thought experiments.

1 | Concurrent State Management

An app wide architecture, designed with concurrency in mind.

2 | State Graph Architecture

An experimental architecture, created around state transitions not pages.

    a | Reference Points

A further look into pure functions off a StateGraph.

    b | Transitions

How to transition from one state to another, while being reflected in the UI.

3 | Functional MVU Architecture

An MVU / Elm architecture, with functional programming principles..

4 | Rethinking How We Abstract Mobile App Design

Rethinking how we abstract different aspects of our mobile application.

5 | No Architecture

In trying to avoid abstractions and keep things as simple, yet understandable as possible.

    a | State Mutation, Pure Functions, Scoping And Functional Reactive Programming

A continuation of no architecture, showing how to handle state mutation, pure functions and FRP.

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